“I like the word believe.  In general, when one says ‘I know,’ one doesn’t know, one believes.”  -- Marcel Duchamp

Starting from points of personal experience, my work searches out relationships of time, history and psychological structures focusing on themes of displacement and transition.  

My current investigation is about structures falling apart and expectations that become disappearing acts.  Using the subject matter of tragic events and the remnants and monuments of old American and European empires made from ephemeral substances such as ice, nesting birds, birdseed, and fire, I use humor to probe these historical and psychological supports to create an open space for questions and evocation, rather than description.  I try to shift the idea of disintegration into a sense of care or jubilation; the objects transforming are caught in boats, colorful strings and wheelbarrows to carry them on. 

Painting lends itself to these concepts by recording an archaeological, tactile way of working that becomes about displacing feeling and thought over time.  They become transitional monuments in themselves, showing failures and mistakes.  By mainly limiting my palette to three colors, including black and white, I use constriction to open new paths.

-July 2018




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